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United Providers of Mental Health (UPMH) is a not-for-profit membership association in Southern Nevada founded by providers for providers of mental health and wellness. The mission of UP is to SUPPORT each other by providing a platform for concerns to be heard and solutions to be created, to EDUCATE through specialized training and presentation of resources and materials, and ADVOCATE for one another by providing a sound credentialing and certification process in order to strengthen our members' viability as a mental health and wellness provider. Our motto: Together We Overcome.

A member's voice:

Our Meetings

Our Community Meetings are open to anyone who wants to hear more about our association, sign up to be a member, and hear updates on current committee projects. We also try to invite important and relevant speakers to inform our community of current events. 


Our various Workshops are facilitated by our Committee Chairs and provide a discussion and informational regarding trending topics. These are more discussion groups rather than training or presentations. Join our workshops if you want to be a voice!



See our current events and announcements BELOW:

The board

United Providers of Mental Health is a MEMBER-DRIVEN association of providers of mental health services in Nevada. Based in Las Vegas, our association was created by providers for providers. Meet the people trying to take every member and provider's voice and create one strong, united voice.


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  • Ramona Beasley (Thursday, April 13 17 06:44 pm EDT)

    I am interested in joining your association.

  • Ramona Beasley (Thursday, April 13 17 06:43 pm EDT)

    I am interested in joining your association.


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United Providers of Mental Health

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Phone: (725) 222-0086

E-mail: upmentalhealth@gmail.com

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